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About Us

We are The Veritas Times. At our school, Veritas Scholars Academy, there are multiple newspapers. We decided to go a bit farther and create a blog! This blog will cover news that is mentioned in the newspaper as well as other information which you may find useful. We will do multiple "top 10s and 5s," keep you posted on everything that's going on, etc. Subscribe and get notifications every time there's a new post! Email us at or send us a message at the bottom of the screen to let us know what you think! We all hope you enjoy this blog, stay safe, and have fun! 



The Veritas Times Staff


What we write About

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News/For You

This part of our blog will mainly focus on news about Veritas Scholars Academy, as well as global news. It will also tell you tips, tricks and "Top 5s/10s," Trivia, and more to keep you informed.

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Being a Christian blog, it is our goal to write about the Bible, applying truths and lessons from everyday life.

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Our Planet

The Earth, ultimately, is ours to take care of, so in the "Our Planet" section, you will get news and reminders to keep out planet beautiful.

Who We Are

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Ava Bernice Curley


Hi I’m Ava, the TVT Manager. I’m 12 and I love to ice skate, read, write, listen to piano music (I have an obsession)  and cook. I live in Maryland and Florida (with my dog Maisy) and I’ve been working for TVT since the start. I can’t wait for another great year!

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Darby Yoder

Head Nature Journalist

Hiya! I’m Darby Yoder, an equestrian living in southwestern Montana. I enjoy being Head Nature Journalist for the TVT and writing the occasional article. One of my favorite pastimes is stargazing, it’s a breathtaking hobby.

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Moira Mackey


Hey! I'm Moira but my friends call me Mo. I live in Southern California and I love to read and draw. I enjoy writing sometimes too. I've been a part of TVT since the beginning and I've thoroughly enjoyed working with the rest of the team. I'm excited to write for the team again this year.

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Riley Bonar

Sports Journalist

Hey, my name is Riley. I am the Sports Journalist for TVT. I live in Seattle, WA, so like every other person who lives in Seattle, I am a serious sports fan. Go Seahawks, Storm, Sounders, and Mariners

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Hannah White

Animal Journalist

Hey everyone!! My name is Hannah Grace White, and I am a crazy horse girl, and a equestrian! Right now, I am currently living on Lookout Mountain GA, and I ride horses 5 times a week. I hope to pursue my career as an equestrian. Some of my hobbies are, archery, swimming, horse riding, drawing horses, collecting model horses, dog training, and listening to Ava Max (the singer) while doing homework. I am so excited to be writing as a journalist for the TVT! Hope to see you soon!

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Abby Seekell

Communications Worker

Hey! I’m Abby and I live in the beautiful state of Rhode Island, near the beach. I’m a communications worker for TVT and I love working with them. I like horses, cats, running, and listening to music.

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Elinor Short

Head Graphic Designer

Hey! I'm Elinor Short and I live in Southern Rhode Island. I love to read, play soccer and piano, ride horses, and be outdoors in God's wonderful creation. I've worked with TVT since the beginning and I have loved every second, I can't wait to work with them once again this year!

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Ethan Maher


Hi! I'm Ethan. I live in Northern Virginia and love writing blogs and articles. I also love watching and playing baseball and soccer, it's my favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings :).

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Luke Bonar


Hi! I’m Luke Bonar, a 13 year old from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I love writing, working for TVT, studying politics and school, sports (I LOVE BASEBALL!) and being in God's creation.

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Anna Blondo

Bible Writer

Hey! My name’s Anna Blondo, I’m an 8th grade diploma student here at VSA. I love to read and write, and I’m super excited to be working with TVT again this year!

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Sophia Pinter

Creative Writer

Hi my name is Sophia Pinter! I am 13 years old and I’m the creative writer for TVT. I am also the author of the exploring the Disney parks series! (New posts every month). I love writing, trying to draw, reading, playing piano and swimming (Competitive swimming that is). I like to debate, and talk about politics. Arguing with people can be enjoyable. I’ve been with the TVT since the beginning and I'm excited to write for everyone again this year.

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Lizzy Willis


Hey, I’m Lizzy! I’m 14 years old and live in California. I love writing, reading, art and dancing, and I’m super excited to be apart of TVT!

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Stephen Laffey


Hi, I'm Stephen, a 12-year-old resident of Northern Colorado, where I live on a small farm. This year, I am proud to take 5 classes with Veritas. I am a second-degree blackbelt in Taekwondo, and the 8th Grade President. My interests are in economics, politics, and the national debt.

Where we live

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