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Hello all I’m Emmy King and I am a collaborator with the VSA Times. I would like to take a moment to inform everyone that God is in control. Yes, this seems like an over-rated idea at times and maybe not something a blog should be about. However, I felt like a reminder should go out that even in this crisis (global pandemic) God is still in control, and he knew about it before the beginning of time. With that being said, I don’t write give you these statistics about Covid-19 to alarm you. I do it do inform you. Covid-19 is currently still taking its toll around the world. However, in some scenarios the media can give us the wrong idea. So, getting back to the basics…Covid-19 now has over 2,080,000 cases worldwide, and over 138,000 deaths worldwide. This is surely something to worry about you might say. I can assure you most of the population believes so as well. However, today I would like to challenge you to do these three things as VSA Christians.

1. Check on the actual statistics to inform yourself well and use proper sources and media sites.

2. Do your part and be careful of where you go and who you see. Also, wash your hands to stay safe.

3. Pray to God and be at peace

This may not all be easy in times like this, but if we do our part and worry no more it will surely be easier. This isn’t to say that we are not in a serious crisis. This is to bring awareness of who actually caused it. It wasn’t a pig in China…it was God. God did this for his honor and glory. Thank you for reading my article! Back to the Basics!

by Emlianna King.


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