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News From Washington State - Luke Bonar

News from Washington State

An opinion on how Governor Jay Inslee (R) is handling these dark and troubling times.

Democratic governor of Washington State Jay Inslee has just made ma

sks mandatory everywhere you go in public. I personally am Pro-mask, I wear a mask almost everywhere I go. But there’s one thing that many people have been pondering…”Can a governor just make a law?” The answer is no. We have a governor. Not a king. This is one of the many ways Governor Inslee has failed our state, stepping outside the constitution, and taking away our rights. He has destroyed businesses through his “4 phases to reopening” plan. As of today, July 20th, Groups no larger than 10 are allowed. I personally have not been allowed to attend church since early March, but thousands of protesters are allowed to riot in downtown Seattle.

Employment rates are now the highest in the nation, homelesness on the rise, and home values decreasing. The citizens of Washington are sick and tired of Inslee’s failure to meet our constitutional rights and let us provide for our families. As I mentioned before, I’m all for quarantining and wearing masks, but it must be voluntary. Many are not as fortunate to have a job where you can work from home, causing them to not be able to pay their rent, which eventually leads to homelessness.

Handling Coronavirus is not the only thing that Inslee has failed and left our state in disgust. All this being said, the people of Washington state are calling for a change! We have been a blue state for the past 30 years. Please be praying that this tyranny will end and we will have a change this election. If you are a Washington State citizen, please Vote for Joshua Freed this November. He will defend your constitutional rights and will revive the economy and the small businesses of WA.

Written by Luke Bonar

Additional Note: Please note to not take offense by anything we are writing, this is just an opinion. Let’s agree to disagree.😉


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