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This Week's Sports News

This Week’s Sports News:

With only a sixty game season fans and players are excited about the playoffs. As the regular season is winding down many teams are trying to squeeze into a playoff spot. Only the top two teams from the AL West, AL Central, AL West, NL East, NL Central, and NL West will be in the playoffs. Last year’s World Series was an extremely fun series to watch, it came down to the last game and in the end, but the Nationals ultimately beat the Astros. As many baseball fans know the Astro’s cheated their way to the world series. The Astros stole the other team’s signs so they could tell the batter what pitch was coming. The Astro’s used a camera in centerfield to see what the catcher was calling. The staff would then relay the info on to the batters. With some great rosters this year, it is going to be some amazing playoff baseball.

After a terrible week two of NFL, many fans are disappointed. With many star players, injured teams are scrambling to find someone to take their spot. These injured players include Jimmy Garappolo (49er’s Quarterback), Christain McCaffrey (Carolina Panther’s Runningback), Nick Bosa (49ers Defensive End), and Saquon Barkley (Giants Runningback). With important players like Quarterbacks and Runningbacks getting hurt it is really hard to find a good replacement. With all of these injuries, it could really reshape some team’s seasons. As we move into the third week of the NFL it will be interesting to see how teams will adapt to not having their star players.

No March Madness? After a disappointing cancellation of March Madness earlier in the year, many teams and fans were doubtful the 2020 season would happen. The NBA was able to play a season, with the bubble rule in place. The NBA is now in the middle of the Conference Finals. With only four teams left in the NBA playoffs, things are getting tense. Those four teams are The Los Angeles Lakers, The Miami Heat, The Denver Nuggets, and The Boston Celtics. With The Conference Finals are wrapping up many fans are anticipating the Finals. The Los Angeles Lakers are leading the series against the Denver Nuggets 3-1, while the Miami Heat is winning the series 3-1 against the Boston Celtics. It looks like it will be the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2020 NBA Finals.


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