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The LA Dodgers: World Series Winners

It was the ninth inning of Game 6, the Rays were up for their very last time. They were down by two and were trying to scrape together a win. Dodgers relief pitcher Julio Urías comes in to close out Game 6 of the World Series. The Rays are trying to force a Game 7. There are two outs Julio Urías throws two strikes, can he throw one more? Julio Urías throws a pitch and catches Willy Adames looking. The Dodgers have won the World Series.

Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias

With only a sixty game season every game was very important. In the sixth inning of the world series Kevin Cash (Rays manager) decided to pull Blake Snell (Starting Pitcher for the Rays). Blake Snell was on fire that night and had only two hits with nine strikeouts. Since the Rays defeat on Wednesday night Kevin Cash has been getting hammered for taking Blake Snell out of the game. The play after he pulled Snell, Mookie Betts (LA Dodgers outfielder) hit a double down the left foul line. When Snell was pulled from the game the Dodgers scored two runs in that inning putting them in the lead. Since the Rays were losing the series by one game they had to win this game.

The LA Dodgers celebrating their World Series win

Before the season had started many experts predicted that the Dodgers would be one of the best teams created in the history of baseball, they were right since they ended up winning the World Series. In the ALCS the Tampa Bay Rays defeated the Houston Astros, in the NLCS the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Atlanta Braves. Both teams put up a good fight, and both were talented enough to make it to the World Series. Unfortunately in the Sixth inning Justin Turner (Dodgers third baseman) tested positive for Coronavirus. The Dodgers hadn’t won a world series since 1988, the Rays are one of the few teams who have never won a World Series. This handful of teams include Seattle Mariners, Colorado Rockies, Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, and the Texas Rangers. Both teams' fight to the World Series was long and hard-fought, but the Dodgers are the ultimate champions!


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