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Small Package, Great Talent

No, she’s gray and she’s a mare. Gray’s a beautiful color but it’s a pain to keep clean!” said Elisa Wallace, famous for training mustangs. Hwin, named after the horse in The Horse and His Boy, by C.S. Lewis, is a petite, dappled grey mare. When Elisa picked Hwin up, the horse had been captured when she was a yearling and had not been handled at all for four years. Before her capture, the little mare had been in a herd called Adobe Town in Wyoming.

Elisa was doubtful from the beginning that she would ever keep Hwin, but the young mare proved her wrong. As they got to know each other more, Elisa grew to enjoy Hwin’s tricky personality. She was smart, but sneaky. Elisa Wallace decided to keep the opinionated mare, despite her own doubts. When Elisa finally got on Hwin, she noticed that the mare was nervous and had anxiety. Her biggest issue was that she couldn’t swing out nice and easy; she was all tight in her muscles. With hard work though, they were able to work through Hwin’s difficulties. Hwin finally got to the point where Elisa was able to take her to a show.

Hwin grew to enjoy shows and relax during them. The perky grey mare who used to jump out of her paddock now couldn’t stop jumping! Jumping 4ft and doing cross-country is Hwin’s element. Hwin has great talent, in a small package! She is 14.3 hh, dapple grey, and clears 4ft+ with ease. She is a gorgeous little mare, and very sweet. Despite her innocence, she has strong opinions and will let you know it. Hwin is very well trained; cantering and jumping in the arena with neither a bridle nor a saddle.

Competing up to Preliminary level, Hwin sure has her eventing down! She has also done Mustang Magic, and did it very well. This dapple grey mare knows everything, from tricks to jumping in the snow. Hwin’s success shows that Elisa Wallace definitely knows how to train a mustang!


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