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The 2020 Race to the White House

Many Americans across the country are getting ready to put up their flags, put up their signs for perhaps one of the most important elections in history. Some of us are excited for it; some are dreading it. Some of us want Donald Trump to continue his presidency; others are sick and tired of his leadership and want a change. But the big question that’s on everyone’s mind is; “who has a better chance of winning?” or “who should I vote for?”, Biden-Harris (D) or Trump-Pence (R)? In this article, we will be answering both of those questions, and looking at an overview of both candidates’ campaigns.

Many of you may be looking at the polls and seeing how Biden is “ahead” a large margin. That is true; however, we saw a similar pattern in the 2016 election. Everyone thought Hilary Clinton was going to win because of the polls done by numerous news channels. But many say those polls may have been fake, same with the 2020 polls. According to a Fox News poll, Biden has 49% of the votes while Trump has only 42%. But as said before, these polls are likely fake. If we do see a repeat of the 2016 election, Trump will likely be in office another four years.

We have all been wondering who we should vote for, and so many of us are on the fence. So, let’s take a quick look at an overview of each candidate’s campaign, and check some pros and cons for each campaign.

Donald Trump has promised to fight against the horrible practice of abortion, and he was the first president ever to attend the “March 4 life” protest in Washington D.C.. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on the other hand, are for “women’s rights” and may be some of the most pro-choice candidates on the democratic ticket ever. As Charlie Kirk described it, “You must be ok with millions of babies being aborted each year if you do not vote for Donald Trump.” Many Christians are concerned at Joe Biden’s policies, as he has vowed to force religious organizations to pay for birth control. Joe Biden will raise taxes while Donald Trump will continue in his fight to lower them. Joe Biden is basically a socialist, which is the opposite of what our country was founded on (capitalism). Donald Trump is pro-constitution, supporting every single amendment and protecting our rights, while the democratic party wants to change that. Kamala Harris has already promised us that if congress does not make a mandatory gun buyback, she will take “executive order.” In the end, her goal is to take away all guns. Other Republicans are upset with Trump’s response to COVID-19 and climate change, which may lose him votes in November.

The first presidential debate will take place on September 29th. Many are anticipating this debate as it could determine who they will be voting for.


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